Putting Back-to-School Principles Into Your Style

Remember the rush of the first day of school after a long, lazy summer? You might have had on a new outfit, carried a new lunch pail or backpack and sported a new haircut.

Those long summers have sped up since we’ve grown up but we can certainly take advantage of those back-to-school principles of preparation whether we’re starting a new year of studies or not.

The fact is you may be starting something new in your life and are ready to start the month with that fresh, anything-is-possible feeling that accompanied that first day of school. Here are some things to help you do that!


New power piece

What do you reach for when you want to feel particularly confident, powerful or polished? Is that item missing from your closet? Consider investing in a great jacket that will work well with tops and pants. Great fit is the key. If you have a power piece in your current wardrobe but the fit is failing to impress, take it to your tailor and make it perfect. It’ll make you stand taller and walk into a room with confidence.


New personality piece

When you’re meeting a new group of people, you want to standout and be distinctive in some way, not blend into the woodwork. What do you reach for that represents you well and makes a statement? It could be a watch or an amazing belt that draws compliments to your otherwise simple suit. It may be a necklace that you purchased that looks great with nearly anything you wear. It’s perfectly normal to feel shy in new situations but it’s those personality pieces that we wear that can be the perfect icebreaker. Do you have yours?


New shoes

A pair of unscuffed, polished shoes can make us feel special. They don’t necessarily need to be brand new shoes. Shoes that have been refurbished or have a professional finish whether you did the polishing or someone else did can yield the same result. Look down at your feet. Are you proud of what you see? If not, get ready for a new purchase or plan a visit to the cobbler in your neighborhood for a shoe makeover.


New gadgets

Are you using a phone that grew up in the dark ages – like 2010? In order to be perceived as a go-getter, sharp and on the pulse of current trends, you may need to freshen up your technical gadgets. Remember those freshly sharpened #2 pencils? The equivalent today may be your tablet or smart phone.


New routines

When school started, it meant a whole new routine. No more sleeping until noon and staying up late. Would your life be improved by creating new routines? Instead of spending late nights on the computer, try going to bed earlier and creating a non-tech routine for yourself. Would it be good to plan the night before what you’d like to wear the next day? It would be nice to have a routine that eliminates a morning panic attack.


As a certified Master image consultant, I can help you find your power pieces or your personality pieces. I can help you figure out whether you already own them and they just need alterations or whether it would be better to start fresh. I can also help you make the wardrobe part of living (including the efficiency of your closet) a serene one by helping you set up new routines and systems. Let’s take that great back-to-school energy and make it come alive for you!  831-625-2000 or mlgellatly@powerful-presence.com or sign up for a complimentary 30-minute discovery session.


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