Floral Prints Will Spark Your Summer Wardrobe



Add Pizzaz to Your Summer Wardrobe with Florals

Floral prints can be seen everywhere this summer. It’s the perfect print to wear if you'd like to express your feminine or romantic style personality. 

Do Florals Suit Your Style? 

Many think of floral prints as cute. However, there are many different ways you can incorporate this versatile print into your wardrobe without it being too sweet or you losing that professionalism you enjoy. Above are some pieces that you can wear as a signature piece or as a complement to your outfit to add interest. 

If you don’t want to look too feminine, toughen up your floral pieces with texture by adding some leather or suede accents. Another way to make floral look more edgy is by looking for florals in darker tones such as navy, black or olive. What are your best colors?

Or Wear Florals in Your Accessories

If you would rather stick to neutral garments and brighten up your outfit with a floral accessory, think about getting a nice light scarf, a clutch, or a pair of pumps or ballet flats that would add just that touch of brightness. Or, think about accessorizing with a bright pair of earrings that will be the pop of color you want for your outfit. 

Many of these pieces can be transitioned from day to night and would work perfectly in either a work or social setting. Be sure to experiment with what you feel comfortable in and explore wearing this versatile print if you want to express your feminine style personality. 

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