VIP Style Mastery Program

Price: $3000

This is the complete Style revitalization and transformation package.  Marion, as your personal stylist and certified image master, will be at your side guiding you from start to finish. This package covers two fashion seasons within twelve months (choose fall/spring or summer/winter season). This package includes:


  • In-depth Interview and Style Recipe Development. Marion wants get to know your style and wardrobe challenges, needs, and goals. After, she will guide you in a creative exercise to develop your signature style recipe. This will become your holy grail and help you fulfill your goals, express your personality and essence, support your lifestyle, and flatter your shape and age.


  • Closet Review Session (for the current season).  We'll take a tour of your closet to get an idea of your current wardrobe. Marion will take an inventory of what you own, make recommendations based on what works, what doesn't and how to proceed.  Based on her discoveries of what is in your closet, together, we will create a list of the items that will complete and update your existing wardrobe.


  • Mini Wardrobe Planning Session (for next season). Marion will look toward the next season and identify items to continue development of your cohesive wardrobe.  She will create a list of needed items in preparation for a wardrobe that mixes and matches well for a variety of your lifestyle needs.


  • Dressing Room Trips (2 for current season, 1 for next season).  Marion will choose stores or collections that will fulfill your needs and budget. She works with your style recipe, scouts and pulls clothing and accessories ahead of time so it's chosen and prepared for you when you arrive.  You'll enter the dressing room filled with clothing and accessories that have been pre-selected for you.  No shopping stress. You will see where to shop, what designers/brands suit you best, and where to find great selections.


  • Perfect Fit Alterations (1 for current season, 1 for next season).  Marion will recommend and accompany you to an expert alterations person or tailor based on your needs, and will oversee the alterations required. Alteration costs are not included.


  • Customized Look Books using specialized software (for 2 seasons). The final, and most important, step is to revisit your closet and integrate your new purchases. It's like completing a puzzle. We combine your existing pieces with the new, and Marion documents the possible combinations using customized software so you don't forget how to integrate pieces for a variety of looks and occasions. These "catalogs" of wardrobe combinations, designed by Marion, will be available to you for one year at no charge.  You will be able to purchase an additional one-year subscription for this service after your VIP Style Mastery program has expired.


Marion Gellatly is available for consultations on the Monterey Peninsula of California and wherever she travels.

If you would like to request a payment plan for this program, please email Marion at mlgellatly@powerful-presence.com.