April Week One Blog

The Power of Your Presence
~ Style * Communication * Etiquette ~

What’s the Big Deal About Creating A Lasting Impression?

There are numerous reasons to consider the difference it can make to you and others when you dress with the intention of creating a lasting impression.

You just got a job or have started a new business that’s going to put you in the public eye. Where you used to walk around incognito, now it’s more important to ditch the Gap jeans and navy t-shirts that were perfect for your previous life and step it up a notch even when you’re not at work.

Your reputation benefits from looking sharp.

You’re going through a transition. It could be that you’re recently divorced or retired, or you’ve downsized or moved to a home in a new community. Maybe you’ve launched a new business. You knew how to dress in your old life, but things have changed.

In this new chapter of your life, what would you want people to know about you before you even open your mouth to speak? Do you want them to know you’re creative, innovative, fun to be with, excited about life, and want to engage in your new life? Dressing in gray sweats won’t tell that story.

Looking for ways to put an outfit together that conveys your new message and being consistent about it will set the tone for this new phase of your life.

You’ve gone for years taking care of the important things: finances, estate planning, getting your kids through college, managing a household. You haven’t had much thought about the impression you’re putting out there in the world. It’s not unusual for a woman to have gone for years neglecting her needs. You’ll want to turn that around. It’s a sign of self-respect to take care of you. It’s great for your inner life, and your family and friends will be pleased, as well. It’s another opportunity to be a role model.

Instead of waiting one more minute, consider learning how to get dressed on a regular basis in a way that pleases you.

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