April Week One Bonus Video Tip

5 Rescue Tips to Get Out of Your Rut

Getting stuck in a rut happens to everybody. One way to get out of a rut is to get some outside help. Somebody else can see the gems in your closet much easier than you can. I’ll go to a client’s house and she’ll greet me with, “I have nothing to wear.” After I spend a couple of hours putting new looks together she realizes she has a bunch of great outfits. She says, “I need to start making plans! I can hardly wait to wear my ‘new’ clothes!”

I’ve come up with some self-help exercises you may want to try to first. It’s amazing to say this, but even the smallest change can create big results. Suddenly you have a lighter heart and more bounce in your step. Review this list of unstuck tips and pick one to do this week.

1. Are you someone who feels afraid to make changes?

The solution is to take baby action steps. You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe. You could buy one pair of new shoes. Or you could purchase one new pair of pants in a pattern or a color that’s not your basic neutral/s. Just one thing, when you wear those shoes or those pants, you’ll feel rejuvenated. Now making changes doesn’t seem so hard.

2. Take a break from your makeup routine.

Go to a makeup counter and give up control to a skilled beauty stylist. Instead of holding tight to what you’ve always done, let someone with fresh eyes give you suggestions. One new technique or one new lip color can make you feel rejuvenated and more confident. We’re never too old to learn new tricks!

3. Have you been using the same sales associate at the same store for years?

Do you have a strong sense of loyalty? That loyalty can be keeping you from seeing something new. It could be that another salesperson could offer you fresh, insightful fit solutions or style suggestions. Is it too hard to switch? How about shopping in a new store. Walk in and scope out the sales people. Don’t go with the first one who speaks to you. Walk around and see if you can spot someone whose style you like and then give her a problem or two that you’re having. See what solutions she comes up with. She could be a new style muse for you.

4. You need to be prepared to feel differently when you’re coming out of a rut.

When you try on something that’s out of your comfort zone, you may feel giddy or excited. You may love it but think it would suit someone else’s lifestyle, not yours. This is the time to pause and have a conversation with yourself. What’s stopping you from wearing this wonderful color or silhouette or accessory? Maybe that new look is the real you, the part of you that’s wanted to be expressed for a long time. Give yourself a chance. Don’t put the brakes on. Experiment and have fun.

5. Find someone who wants to get unstuck too and form an alliance.

You can be accountable to each other. Call one another or e-mail your successes. ("I finally went and got fitted for bras and I feel like a new woman!”) Or call me and let’s make an appointment. I’d love to help support you in finding ways to get out of your rut.  You can check out my virtual or in-person services on my website.