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Five Fresh Fashion Updates Without Draining Your Funds

When you feel like making a change in your style, the first roadblock you imagine is the cost. You’re afraid it’s going to cost a fortune. Fear no more. There are fashion updates that can make you feel fresh and uplifted without draining your funds.

For $100 or less, these five ideas can revive that special something we all have within us:

1. Paint Your Nails in a New Color

Leaf through your favorite fashion magazine and pay attention to nails. Which colors inspire you? Do you like bright and bold colors or neutral and understated tones? When exposing both fingernails and toes, they don’t need to match. Go with a neutral shade on your fingernail and a bold color on toes or vice versa.

2. Include a Watch in Your Next Purchase

While you’re at the drugstore, check that twirly rack with inexpensive watches. Do any of them catch your eye? Also try your department stores juniors’ section for more hip and trendy watches that are still at a decent price. This doesn’t have to be your everyday watch. It can be an accent watch that you love looking at and is fun for right now.

3. Cut Your Hair at a New Salon or Add Some Accessories

Is it time to check out a new salon? Consider a salon that has loud music or funky art on the walls and the hair stylists don’t look anything like you. Chances are they are up on the latest, and you want the latest. If you are too leery at first, set up a style consultation before the actual appointment, but be open to new ideas. A fresh look can be very rewarding.

Enjoy the latest in hair accessories with clips that sparkle or headbands with patterns. You could turn a vintage sparkly brooch into a hair ornament, as well.

4. Update Your Lip Color

Stop by a department store cosmetics counter and ask to try on a new shade. The professionals can lead you to a color that steps you out of your comfort zone but blends well with your coloring. Have fun falling in love with a new color.  I love the MAC counter for this experimentation as the hip artists push me out of my comfort zone.

5. Let Your Top Do the Talking

Love the new colors of the season or the new patterns and prints? Get them in a blouse, a T-shirt, or a tank and pair with your existing pants or skirts. Your blazer, new top, favorite jeans and heels can carry you into date night.

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