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Make Your Basics Look Refreshed & Current

Many savvy, fashionable people have wardrobes made up of classic clothing basics. What they do to add personality and finishing touches to their wardrobe is to focus on accessories. With a background of simple clothing pieces, the same outfit could be put together in very different, unique ways depending on one’s accessory style.

You have an accessory style. This quiz will help you identify it. Once you’ve identified your accessory style, you can be a savvy shopper and choose a few pieces that will make your basics look refreshed and current.

Take this quiz.

See which category you favor. Then check out the answers at the end to see which accessories can help you complete your look this year. It’s easier than you think to express your style without spending a lot of money!

When you look in my jewelry box, the pieces all look
A.    Bold, chunky, heavy
B.    Delicate, vintage, cherished
C.    Refined, chic, upscale
D.    Rustic, organic, raw

My movie style icon I can relate the most to is
A.    Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction
B.    Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City
C.    Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s
D.    Meryl Streep in Out of Africa

Your dream vacation spot would be
A.    Tokyo, Japan
B.    Paris, France
C.    New York, New York
D.    Machu Picchu, Peru

Your favorite weekend activity might include
A.    Hosting a loft party for an up and coming artist or attending an off-Broadway play
B.    Browsing an antique fair or attending the ballet
C.    The newest hotspot, whether that’s a new museum exhibit or restaurant
D.    Camping, hiking or kayaking; any outdoor activity

What Does It All Mean...?

If you chose mostly A’s, your accessory style tends to be more edgy.

This season you can find:
•    Chunky chained sandal
•    Belted choker
•    Platform sandals or heels
•    Over the knee cut out boots
•    Large shoulder grazing earrings
•    Biker bootie
•    Thick chain linked straps on a clutch or bucket bag

If you chose mostly B’s, your accessory style tends to be more romantic.

This season you can find:
•    Tiara or jeweled headband
•    Neckerchiefs
•    Boater hat
•    Sequined heels
•    Layered necklaces
•    Ankle tied high heels
•    Earring cuffs in refined metals and jewels

If you chose mostly C’s, your accessory style tends to be more modern classic

This season you can find:
•    Oxfords
•    Crocodile/python print open heels
•    Stacked resin bracelets
•    Flag or flowers on clutch bags
•    Pointy toe flats
•    Print matching; exact print on handbag and outfit
•    Bold red lips

If you chose mostly D’s, your accessory style tends to be more natural

This season you can find:
•    Backpack
•    Brimmed hat
•    Straw bag
•    Hoop earrings
•    Tan wide leather belt
•    Cowboy inspired hat
•    Cowboy booties

Were you predominately one accessory style over the others or did you resonate with more than one style?

Your accessory style does not need to adhere to only one category. One day you might feel more natural, the next you might feel more edgy.

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