April Week Three Tip

How to Fit Accessorizing into
Your Schedule When You’re Already Late

A little preparation and thoughtful planning goes a long way. This is especially true when it comes to those of us with busy schedules and a lot of balls in the air each morning. If you want to make sure you are dressed to create a lasting impression each day, planning ahead has to be one of your goals.

Spend some time on the weekend creating a few outfits to wear for the following week. When you’re not stressed out, it’s easier to finish an outfit from head-to-toe. Paying closer attention to the jewelry details. Either write out the outfit, including the jewelry, or hang each look together. You can put the jewelry you’ll need for each outfit into a separate Ziploc bag and hang it with the clothing pieces. Create a section of your closet for these grab-and-go outfits. Just think how stress-free you’ll be when Monday rolls around!


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