April Week Four Blog

The Power of Your Presence
~ Style * Communication * Etiquette ~

How to Dress for Romance

Let's face it—romance is a mood thing. Forget going to the apothecary to get the latest aphrodisiac. Go to your closet instead! What makes you feel sexy? What makes you feel flirty?

Live Out of The Ordinary

Wear animal prints that bring out the wild side in you. You can wear them on the inside with your choice of underwear or on the outside with an animal print scarf, t-shirt or handbag. Rarrrrrgh!

Put A Little Sass in Your Step

Whether you go for a cute kitten heel or a sky-high stiletto, go buy a heel to pair
with your favorite jeans, skirt or cocktail dress.

Get in the Spotlight

You’ll be glowing when you’re bathed in pearlized, lustrous or shimmering fabrics in a blouse, dress, or pant. Sound too much? Then curtail it to sequins or metallic finishes in smaller pieces like a clutch handbag, bangle or cocktail ring.

Restyle Your Hair

Nothing says romance more than soft curls. Hard to do yourself? Pull out some favorite images from magazines and take them to your stylist for input. Let her create the perfect updo, blowout, or help you with hair accessories. Rhinestone or floral barrettes can add some feminine fun.

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