April Week Four Tip

Keep Your Sexiness with You at All Times

There is something about the way it feels to have a beautiful set of matching undergarments on your body. Even if you are the only one who sees it that day, it’s as if you are well groomed and cared for from the foundation up. Every aspect of your wardrobe plays a role in dressing your essence and feeling the full power of your presence.

We all deserve to feel sexy and desirable, that’s why I say keep your sexiness with you at all times. You don't have to be revealing anything to feel completely sexy and confident in your femininity. You can look like a schoolmarm on the outside but underneath your work uniform are sexy undergarments. You could be wearing thigh-high stockings, a really beautiful bra and underwear set, or a sexy corset. Until you decide who's going to be the recipient of your romance, you get to enjoy your sexuality through well-chosen undergarment ensembles.


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