Color Analysis


Color can communicate a lot about you and what you want to say. During two private sessions, Marion will design a unique palette of colors based on your personal coloring, inherent color temperature, combined with your personality, intensity, and energy. This custom palette will become a valuable tool for color selection for wardrobe, makeup, hair color, and accessories. You’ll begin to shop with more ease and confidence than ever before and save money in the long run as color integration becomes more cohesive.

Your custom palette of 20-24 color families will contain approximately 100-120 colors and will become your tool for color selection for many years to come...color for your wardrobe, makeup, hair color, and accessories.

Wearing the colors Marion selects for you will be the key to loving what you wear while giving you an appearance of health and vitality. You'll also learn how to successfully combine and coordinate your colors so they are harmonious and keep you as the focal point. You will receive your custom color fan to slip into your purse as a guide for making the best selections when shopping.  Along with your fan, you will receive a written Color Guide that will help you understand the unspoken language of color.  Color can communicate a lot about who you are and what you want to say. 

Marion will spend approximately three hours with you.  The first appointment will be analysis and design of the palette.  The follow-up appointment will be review of the colors chosen for you and to provide an explanation of the effects of those colors and how to best use them in your wardrobe.  Marion will answer your questions and encourages you to bring your makeup and a few garments from your wardrobe for which you'd like to receive color advice.  A color palette is one of the most important "tools" in an individual's style toolbox.  This service is for both women and men.