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The Business of YOU: Strategies for Leadership and Professional Success

Has someone ever caught your eye as soon as he or she walked into the room? Have you ever heard someone say, "I trusted her the minute I met her?" This is the wow factor and is often called executive presence - a blend of competencies, skills, energy and image that send all the right signals and play a big role in assumptions about a person's capabilities. What's more, it makes up 26 percent of what it takes to get promoted. It's the Business of You.

Learn how to develop your winning executive presence
and sway perception in your favor as THE leadership choice

If you are seeking career success, identifying your assets and how to leverage them can make the difference between advancing in your career, being tapped for leadership positions, successfully developing business, or staying right where you are. When you develop your presence, others take you more seriously, see you as capable, trust you more, and are more likely to consider you for promotion and increases in pay.



Look Like You Mean Business: Six Keys to Professional Style

Within moments of meeting you, a prospect will decide whether they are going to like you or not like you and trust you or not trust you.  Isn't it time you evaluated one of the most important elements of your business, your image? Marion will help you explore what your visual appearance is saying, so you're able to feel heard and be seen for your professional contributions. Stand out, get noticed, and get acknowledged; and dressing smart for the workplace could be your ticket. There's a wide range of professional dress in the workplace, but the six keys to Professional Style that Marion will share applies to all of them. Get noticed for all the right reasons and be dressed to attract your ideal client or receive your next promotion.

"Marion Gellatly spent time preparing for our employee image workshop and developed a tailored presentation, specific to our company and industry.  She did not use an off-the-shelf generic presentation.  She gathered information about our employees’ jobs, learned the types of attire that is expected for our industry, and showed specific examples of fabric choices, fabric colors, fit and tailoring, and clothing styles that would help our employees communicate their best image.  Marion was very honest, yet tactful, in dealing with discussion points such as grooming.  After the presentation, Marion remained to help individuals who wanted to ask her questions in private.  Many of us now subscribe to Marion’s “Ignite your Style” monthly style tips.  And, I’ve noticed that several employees are now wearing clothes that have a better fit, clothes that are more appropriate for work, and clothes that present a better more confident, polished image."
—Sheila Tansill, Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources Manager



The Fine Art of Business Entertaining

Business meals are not for eating!  And, business entertaining is critical to developing long-term relationships.  At this fun and informative "hands-on" program, you'll learn that sharing a meal with a client is about establishing and maintaining rapport.  You'll learn what's expected of the host, napkin etiquette, the difference in American and Continental dining styles, paying the bill and much more. You'll also learn what it takes to feel comfortable at cocktail parties and how to maneuver hors d'oeuvres, a wine glass, and deliver a handshake all at the same time.



VIP Professional Presence Coaching

If you are a high-potential employee or manage an individual in your company that isn’t projecting a professional image congruent with the company’s brand, culture and goals, Marion will provide one-on-one coaching.  She will guide you or the individual in developing the expertise to refine the professional appearance, communication and behavioral skills necessary to advance one’s career and align with the mission and goals of the position you hold or the company you represent.



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