Whether you live too far away for in-person image consulting services or workshops, or you simply prefer to revamp your image on your own time, there are several options to get your image restyling off on the right foot.



Virtual Style School $597

A valuable, six-session, self-paced online course that provides the foundational guidelines for style transformation and success.  Also, receive private coaching time from Marion for additional support. Learn how to choose what’s perfect for your current lifestyle or for the new goals you want to achieve. Self-knowledge is key to a successful signature style. Learn from the comfort of your home, at your convenience, and within your schedule.

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"I found Virtual Style School, as well as Marion Gellatly's delivery, a wonderful experience.  The course opened my eyes to things I never knew, but also helped me look at my wardrobe and style objectively – as others see me.  I learned so much that I can apply now, and in the future as I (and my body) change.  An investment in Virtual Style School, means an investment in YOURSELF.  Carve the necessary time out of your busy schedule to view the sessions, take it all in, think about it over the course of time, get involved, and ask questions.  Being a very practical person, I highly recommend the course because once you learn these valuable tools they can be applied every single day!"
Jessica Underberg, CEO/Fair Manager


First Impression Consultation   $247

Do you know what your visual appearance and non-verbal communication is saying about you? Does your image enhance your competitive advantage or detract from it? If you are unsure about the answer to these questions, it’s time to find out from Marion what First Impression you’re making in the initial 7 seconds of meeting others.  You’ll come away with specific steps and a written summary to enhance your overall appearance and project an image that instills confidence as well as competence for greater success.

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"The First Impression Consultation was very useful. It gave me the feedback I needed to have for a better perspective on my image and style. I knew I needed help because certain styles seemed off on me; I was uncomfortable but didn't know why. Marion helped me understand. Having the consultation with Marion and having the visuals with notes she provided helped me pull all of the pieces together. I'm looking forward to learning more from her."

Jessica Belisle, Health Coach

This consultation can be provided either in-person or from a distance via technology.           



Virtual Styling Package from Wherever You Are!  $497

If you live too far away to work with Marion in-person, or you have a crazy schedule that doesn’t allow it, no problem!  Marion has a user-friendly, digital “online closet” and “lookbook” service that is an easy and visual way to communicate and work together, no matter your location or your schedule.

Marion will want to get to know you and understand your lifestyle, your needs, your goals, and anything you may be worried about so she can serve you well. It’s an important first step and will be done by phone or Skype/Zoom.  Then, Marion gets to work using her online platform.

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“Working with Marion has made me stop and think about how to use my clothing to articulate my personal style. It has given me the ability to look at my wardrobe and choose items that fit within my "style recipe", repurpose, or eliminate them from my closet.  But it all takes time to master.  I am very intentional now about what I buy.  Stopping to think about the ‘why’ (I’m purchasing an item) is so important, and this has helped me strengthen my personal brand.  Using the online platform to communicate back and forth with Marion has been so easy.”
Kathy Gomez, Superintendent of Schools



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