March Week One Blog

The Power of Your Presence
~ Style * Communication * Etiquette ~

Fashion vs. Style

A prolific designer, Karl Lagerfeld, says, “Fashion is now and tomorrow. Who cares about the past? Fashion is something people are supposed to consume immediately.”

New fashion items come into stores daily. There is never a shortage.

Fashion is meant to expire and move off the store floors quickly. That's the rhythm of fashion. Marketing for new fashion seasons creates demand for your next purchases.

The late designer, Yves Saint Laurent, who provided us with decades of groundbreaking fashion said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

Style is how you choose to express yourself in the world. Fashion gives you the tools to express yourself and your style. For example, there’s a big difference between choosing a black trench coat, a red one, or one with leopard spots. You know which one you’d choose that fits your personal style.

Personal style never expires; it evolves. It takes some soul-searching to figure it out. Once you've defined it in words, you can use fashion to translate it. Your style may change over the years as you change. That’s a good thing. Paying attention to it, reviewing it and making adjustments to it will keep you empowered.

When you understand your style, you'll be savvy about how you spend money on clothing.

Don't be afraid to spend money on quality pieces that speak to you. When you wear them a lot, the cost-per-wear will make them bargains!

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