First Impression Consultation  


Do you know what your visual appearance and non-verbal communication is saying about you? Does your image enhance your competitive advantage or detract from it? If you are unsure about the answer to these questions, it’s time to find out from Marion what First Impression you’re making in the initial 7 seconds of meeting others.  You’ll come away with specific steps and a written summary to enhance your overall appearance and project an image that instills confidence as well as competence for greater success.

"The First Impression Consultation was very useful. It gave me the feedback I needed to have a better perspective on my image and style. I knew I needed help because certain styles seemed off on me, I was uncomfortable but didn't know why. Marion helped me understand. Having the consultation with Marion and having the visuals with notes she provided helped me pull all of the pieces together. I'm looking forward to learning more from her."

—Jessica Belisle, Health Coach

A First Impression Consultation with Marion will advance your business goals and put you on the next competitive level in your business by defining and refining the image you project to prospective clients and colleagues. You'll come away with specific steps you can take to enhance your overall appearance and project an image that instills confidence and competence for greater success.

  • Marion will begin by reviewing your pre-session client questionnaire and digital photos which you'll submit to her via email. This will give Marion a sense of your lifestyle, daily activities and what you want to project in both your professional and social interactions. Marion will also want to know about your image goals and what changes you would like to see as a result of the new you.

  • You'll then have a 50-minute private telephone consultation with Marion during which she will provide her First Impression feedback. You'll gain insights on wardrobe, grooming, makeup, hairstyle, color choices and body language based on the photos you submit. These insights will lead to specific steps you can take to achieve a First Impression that communicates what you truly desire.

  • You will receive a written summary of Marion's observations regarding what your image is saying to potential clients, colleagues and friends. She'll also include some practical advice on the next steps she recommends.

  • As a courtesy, you will also be subscribed to the Ignite My Style monthly style tip sheets for more ongoing advice.

This consultation can be provided either in-person or from a distance via technology.