June Week ONE Blog

The Power of Your Presence
~ Style * Communication * Etiquette ~

Body Physiology

Body language is an important component of image and communication. Words alone may not convey our true feelings in a conversation. Our bodies don’t know how to lie. Unconsciously we telegraph our thoughts through our body language. However, body language is not universal and varies from culture to culture.  

Thoughts and emotions are telegraphed through:

  • Posture

  • Facial Expression

  • Movement

  • Eye Contact

Here are a few DO’s and Don’ts I suggest when you want to portray your Powerful Presence and communicate effectively: 


  • Smile – The best icebreaker, let’s others know you’re friendly and open. Puts other at ease. Smiling changes how you feel.
  • Walk with Confidence – Have a purposeful stride, back straight, shoulders back. Your movement says a lot about how you’re feeling.
  • Maintain Eye Contact – Sends the message “at this moment you are the most important person to me”. Don’t look over the shoulder to see who’s arriving.
  • Keep Posture Aligned – Posture communicates your emotion. Stand tall to portray and inspire confidence. Try to keep weight evenly distributed on both feet.


  • Fold your arms across your chest. It may be comfortable, but you’ll seem defensive to some.
  • Put your hands in your pockets as it’s too nonchalant and casual.
  • Put your hands to your face when you speak.
  • Fidget with your hands as it’s distracting and show nervousness.
  • Slouch, lean, or prop yourself up.
  • Invade someone’s personal space without an invitation. Generally, one arm’s distance in western cultures.
  • Play with your hair.

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