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The Power of Your Presence
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Fifty+ Does Not Mean Invisible

Is it reasonable to expect to be noticed and complimented on what you wear once you’re over fifty, or are you basically invisible then?

No matter your age, fashion and style can play a great role in your life. When we take time to pay attention to our appearance, it reinforces our self-esteem, and great self-esteem is attractive and noticeable at every age.

Dressing your age doesn’t mean looking frumpy or old. It means looking modern and current in clothes that suit a mature body. Patterns, necklines and details will influence what works as well as point out what doesn’t work for a maturing body.

You can get just as many compliments, if not more, when you dress age appropriately. In fact, as you get older there are fashion choices that wouldn’t have tempted you when you were younger. There’s a great world of fashion waiting for you!

Luckily beauty comes in many packages. It’s good to start with some reasonable expectations. Can we agree on these three points?

  1. It’s our right to look great at any age.
    We just need to look at clothing that will flatter the body we have today.
  2. What works when we were 20 doesn’t work the same when we’re 40, 50 or 60+.
    That’s okay! Fashion generously offers options that are both attractive and appropriate.
  3. It’s okay to get help from experts who understand how fashion works.
    A professional style and image consultant can show us how to look our best in every decade.

Celebrate who you are right now! Remember,
it’s your right to look great and I’m right here to help you do that.