June Week Three Blog

The Power of Your Presence
~ Style * Communication * Etiquette ~

Etiquette and Courtesy

Courtesy and manners are essential skills that will open doors that money and position cannot. Etiquette is the guideline for knowing how to behave appropriately in all situations – business or otherwise. Mastering good manners not only makes you feel more confident, it creates a climate where others feel more comfortable with you. Here are two of the basics everyone should be skilled at:


  • Always stand and offer your hand when you meet or greet someone. This is true for either gender. It shows that you care enough about the other person. Rise when a visitor enters the room. Remain standing until the person is seated.
  • In America when you meet someone for the first time, it’s expected that you offer a firm handshake. Your handshake speaks louder than your words. It can help solidify a new relationship or detract from an otherwise good first impression. It is an important symbol of respect and communicates your self-confidence but is often overlooked. As common as the handshake is in everyday life, it is surprising how poorly many people execute it.
  • If a nametag is worn, place it on your right shoulder because your eye automatically goes there when you shake hands.


  • The most important thing to remember about introductions is to MAKE THEM, even if you forget someone’s name. Studies have found people would rather you ask their name, than not be introduced at all. Help others when you notice they do not recall your name or are having trouble with the pronunciation.  
  • Be sure to recognize each person’s presence – be sure everyone near you gets introduced.
  • It’s OK to introduce yourself when nobody does the introduction for you.

Offer each party a little information about the other, such as:

  • First and last name
  • Relation to you
  • Common interest


Immediately upon meeting someone, use his or her name in conversation to help remember it. Remembering a person’s name is one of the most valuable but least expensive gifts you can give.