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For 4 weeks each month there will be a...

  • Monday Blog, you will find my Blog of the Week in this membership site.
  • Facebook Live, Wednesdays at 4pm pacific.
  • Friday Email Tip, watch for the tip of the week in this membership site.
  • Saturday Sensation, a video on the topic of the week will be posted in this membership site. And, our live Q & A time will be scheduled the 3rd Saturday of every month in Zoom Meeting Room.

Everyday, access the Private Facebook Community as a supportive environment to share your “aha’s,” get feedback from your peers, show pictures of your own growth, and show support to others.

Be sure to schedule some time each week on your calendar to connect with the group, and take the next step inside this portal. I designed it to be bite-sized training.

Enjoy the journey!

Maybe you need access for a particular month. Your membership starts on the month you purchase but the content is specific to each months.

(Example: If you join in April you will have access to all training for April and the following months should your membership continue. To access the training for March you would need to purchase the additional training.)

If this is the case please click here to purchase the previous month's training. **Reminder - your membership is ongoing unless you decided to cancel. If you have any questions please email,