March Week One Tip

Light Up Your Closet with the Right Light

The ideal lighting situation is to have a window in your closet space, or create your closet in a room with a window. Given that this is not always possible for everyone, there are options that can be just as good.

While sunlight, or natural daylight through a window or skylight, is considered the best light for color rendering, any Full Spectrum Light will work well for your closet. Full Spectrum lighting is anything closely related to sunlight that will assist in growing plant life.

Here are commonly used lights:

  • LED – picks up blue and green hues, safer, energy efficient.
  • Fluorescent - energy efficient can’t be recycled.
  • Incandescent – aka Halogen or Tungsten, creates heat, not as safe, costs more but picks up warmer color tones.

Here is a link to a current closet light recommendation site for ideas.

Most importantly is to have a nice bright light with even coverage throughout your closet. Dim, and colored lights will only skew your perspective, and potentially cause you to regret your decision later in the day. Poor lighting throughout the closet can cast shadows and give you a skewed perspective, as well.

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