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Strategy for the Wardrobe Blahs

Everyone gets a case of the wardrobe blahs!

It can be especially noticeable at the cusp of a seasonal change. We may be so sick of wearing the same “old” clothes that we get almost an uncontrollable urge to spend, spend, spend on anything new. But this is when you need to be cautious. Splurging on a new wardrobe may not be right thing to do!

Surprised? While it may be easy to think that dumping the old and hauling in the new is the only answer, there are other ways to manage the case of the blahs.

  • Start with a STRATEGY -  that supports and loves your size, age and budget

Here are a few ways I personally manage a new fashion season. I always suggest beginning with familiarizing yourself with the new season and understanding your own needs and wants. Follow that with experimenting with fashion in cost effective ways that will leave you feeling really smart about any additions you make to your own wardrobe.

  • 7 ideas to help create your Strategy

  1. Get a stack of magazines and go through the looks. Pull out things you love and putting them in a folder.'
  2. Going online and create Pinterest boards of specific things you like about a season including color, texture, silhouette, shoes, and accessories.
  3. Go to a bunch of stores in a shopping center and browse through the departments to see what’s new.
  4. Review catalogs and noting things you love.
  5. Read posts by specific bloggers you follow.
  6. Try things on that are new to you so you can see how they fit.
  7. Add a new accessory to an outfit to make it look like new.

To learn how I use these 7 steps in my fashion strategy, check out the examples I will share in my Wednesday Facebook Live, Friday Email Quick Tip, and Saturday’s Sensation.

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