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Sharpen Your Layering Skills

If you have ever wondered how some people do such a great job of layering clothes or accessories and getting such great results, this is your season to sharpen your layering skills. Layering is really the secret sauce in many of spring’s fashion looks.

Layering colors

  • As you put an outfit together, see if you can create it using four colors. Here are three color combos that will draw the right attention!
    • Cream, ivory, dove gray, pewter.
    • Cobalt, midnight blue, marine blue, navy blue.
    • Blush, light salmon, sand, buff.

Layer two dresses

  • To make this idea really easy, make one of the dresses a sheer on. There are lots of them out there to try! With sheer being so popular the layering options are almost endless. Try these layered combos:
    • Wear a black fitted slip dress underneath a sheer colored dress for double the interest.
    • Wear a long jersey slip (Commando is a brand to try) under a shorter dress.
    • Wear a lace dress with a bright colored slip underneath it or wear a lace dress with a simple sheer dress over the top so the lace stays in the background.

Layer outer layers

  • If a sheer dress is just a little too much, consider adding a sheer outer layer such as a sheer cardigan. It’s the perfect accent piece for covering up your arms without adding bulk or distraction from your well put together look.
    • A colorful cropped knit sweater with voluminous sleeves looks great over a white T-shirt and white jeans.
    • A loos-fitting duster looks dramatic over an outfit of fitted long pants and a flowy blouse.

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