May Week Two Tip

It’s OK to Say No

Have you ever seen people gushing over a fashion statement that left you feeling like you couldn’t possibly be seeing the same thing?

Every season we see new fashion trends come and go. While it’s not uncommon for opinions to be influenced when we see certain trends take hold, there’s nothing wrong with following your intuition.  

For example, you probably thought you were done with knee high socks for six months or so. But designers showed patterned, thin knee-highs with dresses, skirts and shorts. They paired them with open-toed sandals, plastic boots, and flats. You might need a special kind of courage to try this on your own. Remember, as with any trend, you can always say, “I’ll pass.”

On the other hand, this is an area where you can really take a risk and push your comfort zone. You may end up with a new signature style piece that adds the little bit of pizazz to your look that you have been dreaming of.

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