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Have you ever felt self-conscience about your appearance or poise when you showed up to a business meeting, networking event, speaking engagement, date night, or some formal occasion?  Have you ever felt awkward in business or social situations because you've been unsure about the appropriate dress or social norms for the situation at hand? 

Imagine the relief in feeling totally confident in knowing that you look, behave, and communicate like a polished professional when you:

  • Are introduced to that person you'd love to collaborate with
  • Run into a mentor or peer you'd love to build a deeper relationship with
  • Want to instill confidence the minute a prospective client meets you
  • Stand in front of an audience to deliver your message, or pop on camera to film a quick video

There's no denying that looking, behaving, and communicating like you're at the top of your game will increase your self confidence and effectiveness.  Don't hold back from being and feeling as successful as you can.

Unfortunately, there are few who teach women the importance of their ABC's...Appearance, Behavior, and Communication.  The fabulous news is that it's within your reach because I plan to share my years of business experience and my many strategies to catapult you to greater effectiveness in these areas.

The road to transformation always begins with a single step, and I would love to support your evolution by inviting you to become a member of The Power of Your Presence membership group.  I know what awaits you on the other side of taking that first step, and it's exciting. It’s what motivates me to do what I’ve been doing for over 20 years. It’s my passion!

The Power of Your Presence Membership combines all of the elements of my work, under one umbrella. Here's what you'll receive each month:

  • Every Monday, you will find my Blog of the Week in the membership site.
  • Every Wednesday, join me in our private Facebook community for a Facebook Live video at 4 p.m. Pacific. 
  • Every Friday, watch for the Tip of the week in the membership site.
  • First, Second & Fourth Saturday of the month, a weekly YouTube video will be posted in the membership site.
  • Third Saturday of the month, meet on Zoom for a  live Q & A session to ask your questions and get them answered.
  • Everyday, access our private Facebook community where you'll find a supportive environment to share your “aha’s,” get feedback from your peers, show pictures of your own growth, and show support to others. 

You will learn practical ways to recreate your wardrobe so it’s easy to get dressed, express your essence, and feel authentic, beautiful, and effective when you do. I will give you easily digestible pieces that you can implement quickly with realistic ways to get into action. And, I’ll teach you WHY I recommend the things I do.

My knowledge will simplify how you present yourself in a real and practical way. I will make my recommendations easy to understand and I will awaken in you a discerning woman who sees the power that results from finding clothing that “frames” the true you.  

I will share my teachings on Personal Power…the personal magnetism that draws others to you so you can make the connections and develop the relationships that are critical to a successful business and personal life. Attracting and gaining the attention and the respect of others through the power of etiquette and communication skills is key. We'll go much deeper than just clothing.

I'm very confident that your membership in this group will make back your investment in no time.  What opportunities will open up for you?  The possibilities are endless, so it's time to find out now.