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Beautify Your Closet & Simplify Your Life with 5 R’s

Closets are easy to neglect especially when no one sees them but you. Just because it remains hidden from view doesn’t meant it can’t be beautiful and inviting. Won’t getting dressed in the morning be that much more pleasant if it is? Revitalize your closet with these five steps.

1. Remove

An easy way to declutter your closet is to remove all dry cleaning plastic bags. Next get rid of the mismatched hangers. Settle on one hanger style that suits you and will look good in your pretty closet. The purpose of your closet is to hold your clothes so anything that doesn’t relate to getting dressed need to find a different home. Your closet is not a place to store skis, old clothes, or other people’s belongings: out with the excess baggage!

2. Redecorate

Let’s start with color. Over the years closet walls get banged up and can look dingy. Give it a lift by taking everything out of it and repainting. You can go with a standard soft white or take a favorite color of yours and use a light hue to adorn the walls. Try a light yellow, faint lilac, or a pale blue. After the paint has dried observe the lighting. Is it too dim in that far left corner? Get proper lights and light fixtures so that every item in your closet gets an equal spotlight.

3. Reorganize

Make walking into your closet similar to walking into a boutique. Keep everything as displayed as possible. Sweaters, jeans and t-shirts can be folded neatly on open shelves. You’ll wear more of your accessories if they’re on display as well. Shop for a jewelry stand or add hooks to the wall to hold necklaces. Display your handbags on pretty hooks along a wall high enough to be out of the way but easy enough to swap out with ease. Scarf and belt racks help you see what you have. When you walk into your closet and see all possibilities, getting dressed is easier and fun. If your wardrobe items are out of sight, they will be out of mind.

4. Redefine

Depending on the size of your closet you may have some room left to adorn the walls with inspirational photos or quotes. Getting small frames and filling them with looks you like or sayings that make you feel good is a great way to add personal touches to your closet. A full-length mirror may be a great place to write (with a washable pen) a weekly goal or reminder to wear a clothing item or accessory that you love so much but haven’t worn recently.

5. Relax

Are you ready for one last step? A lovely way to enjoy the space you get dressed in is to add a wonderful scent that you enjoy. Lavender sachets will help keep your closet and drawers smelling fresh, not stale. Leaving a gardenia floating in a pretty clear bowl on your dresser will welcome you to the ritual of getting dressed and a flameless candle is sure to add ambiance to your sanctuary.

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