March Week Two Tip

A Good Foundation (Must Haves Part 2)

When putting together your masterpiece the foundation not only counts, but also can be the refining touch that makes all the difference. There’s nothing better than starting your day looking (and feeling) your best. Undergarments and shoes provide support and comfort, first and foremost. When we combine that with a great looking outfit, it will show through in the way that you carry yourself and interact with those you meet.

The following three recommendations will get you through your day with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

1. A Six-to-Eight Hour Shoe that will keep you comfortable while looking fashionable. (It’s possible, really!) Here are a few brands that I personally wear when I plan to be on my feet all day... Paul Green, Munro, BeautiFeel, Thierry Rabotin, and AGL.

2. A Multiple Bra (or Bodyshaper) Collection that fits properly and includes at least one nude and one black bra. These are so commonly neglected and are the foundation of your clothing...they make such a difference!)

3. Comfortable Underwear with Minimal Lines will avoid discomfort and distraction (another thing that gets neglected and is such an easy fix.) For many options to consider check out

My next challenge to you is to add these 3 categories of items to your wardrobe (and 8 Must Haves).  Make it your goal to add these items to your wardrobe in the next month and report back on our Facebook Group about your results.

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