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How to protect your investment

If only clothes stayed exactly as they were when we bought them, then there would be no need for us to buy the same piece over again... but that’s not the case. Clothes need special care to stay in top form and ready to be inserted into your next outfit. Here are a few ways to protect your investment so you can hang on to your classic favorites for as long as possible.

1. Remove the moisture vs. drying

First, use your dryer less and hang dry your clothes instead to extend the wear of your garments.

And second, use a dehumidifier in your closet if your living area gets a lot of moisture. This will prevent your closet and your clothes from getting mildew.  I recommend Damprid

2. Dry-clean only?

Use a clothes steamer to remove wrinkles from your clothes rather than sending them to a dry cleaner. I love my Jiffy stand-up model (and so does my husband); but if you don’t have the room, a handheld steamer will work too.

Dry-cleaning products and heavy pressing can be very hard on clothes. Curb your trips to the dry cleaners by hanging your garment on its hanger and let it “air out” overnight before hanging back in your closet.

3. Keep it Buttoned Up

Check the buttons on newly-purchased clothes. They could use extra reinforcement to stay on longer. Give them that reinforcement by securing the buttons with a needle and thread.  Another tip is to dab clear fingernail polish on the back of a button to keep the thread from wearing.


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