March Week Three Tip

Wardrobe Quick Fixes

As part of this month’s focus on “Closet Performance,” I’m going to share with you 3 ideas for keeping your clothes fresh and looking their best.

1. Keep it Fresh with Borax:

Use Borax (available at most grocery stores or Target) to get odors out of synthetics.

2. Clean it Easily:

The easiest way to get surface dirt or deodorant off your clothing is to rub the fabric against itself. Most times, the smudges will come right off.

3. Stay Snag Free with Snag Nab-It:

If you’re a sweater lover, you need help to pull snags to the inside of your garment. There’s a tool for that. It’s called Snag Nab-It by Dritz and can be found online or at your local fabric store.

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