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The Power of Your Presence
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A Good Fit Feels Right

We all probably fuss more than we need to over what we consider our figure flaws. In truth we could all be happier if we focused more on what makes out bodies feel great in clothes. Good Fit Feels Right! Stop finding fault with your body. Instead, try focusing on how you present yourself when you feel confident in what you’re wearing, and how differently you interact in social and professional situations when you do.

To create that confident feeling, we need to combine the look that appeals to us with the figure that we are blessed with. I know at times this may seem unobtainable, however, with an open mind and a few pointers to help you feel more at ease and relaxed, it can be easier than you think.

For example, do you wish for the appearance of a longer looking neck? Try wearing a V-neck blouse, dress or sweater. Are you unhappy with the look of your upper arms? Choose fabrics that are non-clinging and not shiny, which bring more emphasis, not less, to the upper arm.

Do you feel self-conscious about your waistline or bust? Try softly fitted garments like shifts, chemises, and blouse waists for thicker waistlines, or belted blouses for the appearance of a waist. Similarly, create diagonal lines across a full bust with a crossover, wrap, or surplice blouse or dress.

For a longer a torso with the appearance of a shorter leg, wear a higher- waistline pant and a shorter jacket. For a heavier thigh, you have several possible pant styles to consider. A flared pant can balance a fuller thigh, and skirts are a fabulous option.

For more pointers on how to reap the benefits of a Good Fit that Feel Right, make sure to check out my Facebook Live episode this Wednesday at 4 p.m. Pacific, the Powerful-Presence email tip coming out this Friday, and the Saturday Sensation video.

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