March Week Four Tip

Do You Wish for the Appearance of a Longer Neck?

Do you wish for the appearance of a longer neck? Just because you may be shorter in stature doesn’t mean that you can’t accentuate your beautiful structure.

You can create the illusion of a longer neck by wearing a V-neck blouse, dress or sweater. Wear a collarless sweater or top and create a deep V with a long pendant. Avoid thick turtlenecks and short necklaces like chokers.

If you have long hair, wear your hair up off your neck. Try hairstyles that you have seen that give you height.

Your posture can have a profound effect on your elongating your upper body. Standing straight with your shoulders back and chin up can literally add inches to your upper body. Coupling eye contact with good posture is a symbol of confidence, which makes even the shortest person seem taller.

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