March Week Four Bonus Video Tip

How to Flatter Your Waistline and Tummy.

Is your Tummy getting in the way of your fashion statement? Are you wearing clothes and accessories that are uncomfortable for the sake of looking good? Stop suffering! Regardless if you are experiencing emotional or physical discomfort from your waistline or tummy, it’s time to learn to look and feel good in the body you have.

Here are 3 factors to keep in mind when going for comfort and style in the midsection:

1. Balance Your Look

Swing jackets or swing cardigans are your friends. Use them over a slimmer pant for a balanced look.  

2. Proportions Are Key

Wear pants and skirts that don’t have a waistband and sit on the higher part of your hip instead of your waist. Avoid belts that cinch too tight, as well as pants and skirts that are a size too small.

3. Draw Attention Away From the Tummy

Wear dusters over a loose top to elongate the body.