Here are some of our most requested topics, but Marion can customize a topic specifically for your event:


You are Woman—Let Your Image Roar!

Most women can use an extra boost of confidence for a competitive edge in business and in their personal lives. Let Marion share her tips and tools to craft a personal image that will get you what you desire. Much more than just discussing appearance, this workshop includes constructive critique of your behavior, communication style, treatment of others, and etiquette skills.

Learn what the "entire package" of image is all about!

Put the 'Wow' Back in Your Wardrobe

During the main shopping seasons, the stores are filled with choices you may be tempted to embrace. But, do you know which ones really define and express your essence? If you've never learned how to define your style and want to develop it, let Marion guide you. Learn how to:

  • Distinguish different style expressions using the current trends
  • Identify 5 pieces of clothing or accessories that can define your style
  • Mix elements of different styles to come up with your unique look
  • Get inspiration from different style icons by comparing and contrasting
  • Develop a shopping list of things to purchase to define your style more clearly.

Marion shares her advice and strategies to avoid a closet of style confusion and wasteful spending.

Dressing Your Essence...a path to a more visible and radiant you!

Do you turn the page whenever you see something about upgrading your image, dressing for success, or a chance for a makeover because you feel that making a change to your appearance is too difficult, takes too much time, and is kind of shallow anyway?  Down deep, would you really like to give yourself permission to express yourself differently?   In this workshop, Marion will support you in revealing your authentic beauty in a fuller, more powerful way.  She believes every woman deserves to know how.  She just needs encouragement, direction, and the key tools to get started.

This workshop will pay big dividends.  


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