V.I.P. Style Mastery Program    $2750

This is the complete revitalization and transformation package. Marion, as your personal stylist, will be at your side guiding you from start to finish. This package covers two fashion seasons within twelve months to support your progress (choose fall/spring or summer/winter).

"Marion understands and has a vision for what looks best on you. She picked out items for me that I would never have looked at had I been shopping on my own. She has shown me how to work with colors and accessories and every item in my wardrobe now mixes and matches. Marion also guided me on where to focus my spending. She explained which key pieces are investments and worth spending more money on and which items are not.
I now have a wonderful wardrobe that suits my lifestyle, my personality and my 'style recipe'. I receive compliments about how professional and put-together my outfits look! The icing on the cake is that I have made a great friend. Marion is warm and kind. She has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable and she approaches everything with grace and poise. Marion, you are a treasure, thank you!"
—Christy Hill, CPA Tax Manager


Here is what is included in the V.I.P. Style Mastery Program:

Style Recipe Development Session.  An in-depth interview for Marion to get to know your image challenges, needs and goals. This information will help direct Marion's creative process to guide you in developing your signature style. Your "style recipe" will become your holy grail and help you fulfill your goals, dress your essence, and support your lifestyle.

Closet Review Session (for the current season).  We’ll take a tour of your closet to get an idea of how you’re currently dressing. Marion will take an inventory of what you own, make recommendations based on what works, what doesn’t and how to proceed. Based on her discoveries of what's in your closet, together, we will create a list of the needed items that will complete outfits and update your existing wardrobe.

Dressing Room Trips (2 current season, 1 next season).  Marion will choose retailers or private collections that will best fulfill your needs and budget. She works with your style recipe, scouts and pulls clothing ahead of time so it's chosen and prepared for you when you arrive. You will enter the dressing room filled with clothing and accessories that have been pre-selected. No shopping stress for you.  You will see where to shop, what designers/brands suit you best, and where to find great selections.

Perfect Fit Alteration sessions (1 current season, 1 next season). Marion will recommend and accompany you to an expert alterations person or tailor based on your needs, and will oversee the alterations required. Alteration costs are not included.

Look Books using customized software (2 seasons). The final - and most important - step is to revisit your closet and integrate your new purchases. It’s like completing a puzzle. We combine your existing pieces with the new and Marion will document the possible combinations using customized style software, so you don’t forget how to combine the pieces for a variety of looks for your lifestyle. You will have a catalog of your wardrobe combinations designed by Marion for one year at no charge! 

A Mini Wardrobe Planning Session (for next season).  Based on the successful style development for the current season, Marion will now create a wardrobe plan for you going forward. She will identify the items needed to complete and update next season's wardrobe and prepare you for next season's dressing room trip.  This will insure greater satisfaction, success, and mastery of your style with Marion at your side.