Module #1: Begin Your Discovery

In this module you will:

• Become more fluent in the language of Image and Style.
• Understand the components of what makes for great Style.
• Identify many notable Style icons and what makes their Style identifiable.
• Learn how to define your Style Recipe.
• Learn what it takes to BE the BEST version of you.

How would it feel if you could get focused and create the vision and define the essence of how you want to show up this year? This module will get your juices flowing and lay the groundwork to build a Style that communicates exactly what you want and need. This module will launch your journey.


Module #2: Select Your Very Best Colors

In this module, you will:

• Articulate and visually portray your Style Recipe in words and pictures.
• Explore and understand how to select the right Colors for you.
• Discover how to use your personal coloring to direct your color choices.
• Learn all you need to know about color theory.

Wouldn't you shop with more confidence, save time, money, and frustration if you knew exactly what colors to choose to build a wardrobe that flatters your personal coloring and conveys a message of confidence as you step into your evolution? Of course you would!


Module #3: Understand Your Body and What Fits You Best Today

In this module, you will:

• Identify your body shape…the one you have today.
• Recognize the clothing styles designed to flatter your shape and proportion.
• Understand why two women who wear the same size cannot always wear the same garment.

Would you love to zero in on your best options quickly, avoid purchasing mistakes, and love what you see in the mirror? Even if your body isn't perfect, are you anxious to learn the secrets to make it look as though it is and what’s most flattering? Would you like the confidence to know the selections you make in the dressing room are perfect for you now?


Module #4: Put Your Stylish Wardrobe Together

In this module, you will:

• Discover Marion's valuable shopping formulas.
• Learn how to assemble a cluster of clothes for business, play, or travel.
• Identify the foundational pieces and star pieces you need in a successful wardrobe.

Wouldn't you be thrilled to change your life and how you shop forever? How would it feel if you could confidently say "I'm one put-together woman!" and mean it?


Module #5: Choose Your Perfect Accessories

In this module, you will:

• Learn the importance of your perfect accessories.
• Find out how to select them to complement your shape, coloring, body scale, proportion and personality.
• Identify the key accessories that are a must for your wardrobe.

How would it feel to have a collection of accessories that enhances your natural beauty, rejuvenates and updates your wardrobe, and pulls everything together into one lovely package? Wouldn't it be great to expand your wardrobe inexpensively, freshen your style, and move with ease from business to social occasions, from dawn to dusk.


Module #6 Bonus: Enjoy Your Shopping Experiences

In this module, you will:

• Identify your shopping ruts.
• Put successful shopping strategies and ground rules in place.

Won't it be wonderful to be equipped to enjoy your next shopping experience?
With your enhanced knowledge, you can look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. And, you will automatically eliminate 90% of what's in the stores and focus on the 10% that will be perfect for YOU.