Imagine having access to your own personal wardrobe expert and a Certified Image Master, one of only eighteen in the world, who understands the sensitive image issues and challenges you face getting dressed for your lifestyle, age, position, and goals.  As an expert, Marion will be by your side, applying her lifetime of knowledge and experience to your wardrobe, colors, styling, etiquette and non-verbal communication to simplify your life, maximize your potential, build style confidence, and insure that you will love what you see in the mirror.

Although Marion tailors every service to fit your needs, read below to learn more about the kinds of sessions that have delivered results for her clients. And, Marion offers several options to fit your budget.



A La Carte In-Person Services


Color Analysis   

Color can communicate a lot about you and what you want to say. During two private sessions, Marion will design a unique palette of colors based on your personal coloring, inherent color temperature, combined with your personality, intensity, and energy. This custom palette will become a valuable tool for color selection for wardrobe, makeup, hair color, accessories, and even your interior design. You’ll begin to shop with more ease and confidence than ever before and save money in the long run as color integration becomes more cohesive.

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Style Starter Session 

Your style begins in your closet, not in a store. This private one-on-one session lays the groundwork for fine-tuning your aesthetic direction and up-leveling your wardrobe. During this session, Marion will get to know you, your likes, your lifestyle, personality, goals, and where you want to make changes. Together we will create your Style Recipe in words and pictures to clearly define a style that says “this is me!”  Marion will then assess items from your closet for fit, flattery, and style personality. She will explain what works and why.  She will identify pieces to tailor, to discard, and to be added. This session is a great way to launch the style you want to embrace with a style master at your side.

"I had a closet full of clothes with not much to wear and didn’t know what the problem was. Marion helped me get my colors right for the current me, and to understand what looks good on me now. My confidence has soared."

Carol Young, Entrepreneur



Packages:In-Person Services

These services are frequently requested and are offered in packages for a savings to you.  Please request a personalized package if you don’t see what you are looking for.


Outdated Closet to Inspired Style Package  

This package includes a total of 5 hours that can be allocated in any combination of services to meet your needs. You and Marion will discuss what you’d like to improve, and she will recommend a plan to get to your goal.

  • Marion recommends beginning with a session to develop your aesthetic direction and “Style Recipe” to lay the groundwork for next steps.

  • An important next step is an In-Your-Closet session that follows your initial meeting to see your wardrobe with a fresh eye. Marion will demonstrate how to incorporate garments and accessories to fit your “Style Recipe” and will also assess your wardrobe for fit, flattery, color, and style personality.

  • She will develop a Personalized Action Plan for your future purchases.

  • Finally, a Personal Shopping excursion is always recommended to teach you how to use your new knowledge to implement your plan.

Marion Gellatly is available for consultations on the Monterey Peninsula of California and wherever she travels.

" I love my closet!  After working with Marion for the last few years I now have coordinated and perfectly fitting outfits that are appropriate for my lifestyle, comfort and age. Marion has made acquiring those outfits painless and fun."

Nan Borreson, Community Philanthropist



VIP Style Mastery Package  

This is the complete revitalization and transformation package. Marion, as your personal stylist, will be at your side guiding you from start to finish. This package covers two fashion seasons within twelve months to support your progress (choose fall/spring or summer/winter) and can be delivered in-person, from a distance using video technology, or a combination of both.  Marion will recommend how to work together after a pre-program consultation that can be scheduled.

"Marion understands and has a vision for what looks best on you. She picked out items for me that I would never have looked at had I been shopping on my own. She has shown me how to work with colors and accessories and every item in my wardrobe now mixes and matches. Marion also guided me on where to focus my spending. She explained which key pieces are investments and worth spending more money on and which items are not.

I now have a wonderful wardrobe that suits my lifestyle, my personality and my 'style recipe'. I receive compliments about how professional and put-together my outfits look! The icing on the cake is that I have made a great friend. Marion is warm and kind. She has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable and she approaches everything with grace and poise. Marion, you are a treasure, thank you!"

Christy Hill, CPA Tax Manager

Marion Gellatly is available for consultations on the Monterey Peninsula of California and wherever she travels. Travel expenses are not included.

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Have a Girlfriend Day Your Way—Small Group Shopping

Do you and your friends get “in trouble” when shopping together? Marion normally recommends that friends don’t do it because everyone has their own personal style preferences, lifestyle, body shape, coloring and budget. These opinions can influence what your friend thinks looks good on you. It is very common to come home from a day of “friend shopping” with items that would look better on her than you. Then those pieces become orphans in your closet.

Wouldn’t it be fun and educational to have Marion at your side guiding you and a couple of your friends to great stores and private collections that fit your parameters? As a wardrobe expert, Marion knows what works and what doesn’t and she doesn’t let her own personal style influence her recommendations.  She will show you and your friends the standout items and seasonal must-haves, along with specific items that are right for each person’s physical characteristics, coloring, lifestyle, and budget. 

Stores are selected based on the group’s preferences and needs, and usually a group of no more than 4 is best.  Shopping time will be approximately 3 hours.  

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Remote Image Styling


Virtual Styling Package from Wherever You Are!   

If you live too far away to work with Marion in-person, or you have a crazy schedule that doesn’t allow it, no problem!  Marion has a user-friendly, digital “online closet” and “lookbook” service that is an easy and visual way to communicate and work together, no matter your location or your schedule.

When working with Marion from afar, she will want to get to know you and understand your lifestyle, your needs, your goals, and anything you may be worried about so she can serve you well. It’s an important first step and will be done by phone or Skype/Zoom.  Then, Marion gets to work using her online platform.

Working with Marion has been a wonderful experience.  She was influential while I transitioned from being a Navy helicopter pilot into the civilian business world.  Marion took the time to get to know me and made suggestions that were authentic to my personality, style and career goals.  Highly recommend for anyone making a career change or wanting to polish their image.” 

Andi Phillips, From Helicopter Pilot to Organizational Change & Diversity Consultant, author & speaker

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