Welcome to March, Week ONE

Ways to Up the Power in Your Presence This Week:

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  1. Monday Blog: Fashion Vs. Style. Fast fashion versus time honored style.
  2. Wednesday, at 4PM pacific: Tune in to my Facebook Live Closet Walkthrough, as I spend a few minutes showing you how I set up my closet to easily create my Powerful Presence for the day.
  3. Friday Tip: How the Right Light in Your Closet Can Change Everything! Light up your closet safely, efficiently and with the best color composition to meet your needs.
  4. Saturday Sensation: Check Out the Power of Your Presence Video Guide on How to Set Up Your Closet for Success. In this episode I will give you 5 ways you can set up your closet so that getting dressed can be effortless, fun and satisfying every day.

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