Virtual Styling Package from Wherever You Are!   

If you live too far away to work with Marion in-person, or you have a crazy schedule that doesn’t allow it, no problem!  Marion has a user-friendly, digital “online closet” and “lookbook” service that is an easy and visual way to communicate and work together, no matter your location or your schedule.

When working with Marion from afar, she will want to get to know you and understand your lifestyle, your needs, your goals, and anything you may be worried about so she can serve you well. It’s an important first step and will be done by phone or Skype/Zoom.  Then, Marion gets to work using her online platform.

There are three components of the platform:

Your online closet —the place to upload your photos of clothing and accessory items from your closet that you want Marion to integrate into new outfit ideas.

Finds area—the place where Marion puts photos of clothing and accessory recommendations that will help you create new “looks” or update existing ones. They’re for ideas and feedback.  She includes her comments about why she chose each item for you and how it will integrate into your wardrobe.  You are able to click on each photo to learn the full details of each item, and where you can find and purchase it.

Lookbook—the place Marion uses to pull together photos from your “online closet” coupled with purchases you’ve made from the “finds” area.  You will see how to use any item in multiple ways to build new outfits.

After our meeting, Marion will ask you to upload photos of the clothing and accessories into your online closet that you want help coordinating. Using your existing pieces she will use her keen eye to put together approximately 15-20 head-to-toe outfits and add them to your online lookbook. She will also make recommendations of the key items you may want to add to complete and/or update your wardrobe, and she will provide purchasing sources based on your budget.

This is the perfect way to make getting dressed every morning or evening a joy instead of a nightmare. You won’t have to worry about wardrobe coordination, and Marion knows you won’t miss the piles of clothes on the bed that don’t seem to coordinate. Marion will have already figured this out for you. Just pull up the information on your phone, tablet or your computer, and voila…there will be Marion’s recommendations. This service is a time saver and frustration buster, and will give you peace of mind every day. Virtual styling also works when packing for a trip or planning for a special event.

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