Look & Feel Fabulous in 2019!

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world…Fashion is instant language.”

~Miuccia Prada

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your clothes don’t feel like you; they make you feel outdated. Times change, but your style hasn’t followed suit. Your closet depresses you because it’s filled with clothes that no longer reflect who you are or where you’re headed in life.

  • Your body is changing, and you’re not getting any younger. What’s the best look for you right now? What clothes and accessories will tell the world you’re still happening…that you have it together?

  • You hate to shop because you don't know what looks good on you, and you end up buying the same boring things destined to become orphans in your closet. Isn’t it time to love shopping again?

  • Your closet is overflowing, but nothing in there makes you happy. You might even be hanging on to pieces that you haven’t worn in five years. It’s so hard to part with things you have, but It doesn’t have to be that way.

  • You want to look and feel current, with the right amount of hip. But how do you get there? The styles on the mannequins make you feel impossibly … puffy. Maybe even old.

  • You feel guilty about spending good money on clothes, but then never wearing them. Are those skinny mirrors in the dressing rooms, or what?!

  • You’re ready to look amazing, feel confident, and show the world the best of who you are! It’s 2019, baby! You want clothes that reflect your personality, support your lifestyle, and flatter your body and coloring.

Is that you? If so, then allow me to introduce myself.


Hi, I’m Marion Gellatly.


If you’re like the hundreds of women (and men) I've had the good fortune to teach and coach in my practice, you're struggling with your style and wardrobe. I understand. I was once there myself! They don’t teach style and wardrobe development in school, which is why so many women lament…

"I have a closet full of clothes yet NOTHING to wear!"

  • Over the last 20+ years, I’ve spent hundreds of hours in dressing rooms or client closets with nearly naked women. In they go, a bit excited, a bit scared, and by the time our session is done, out they come, feeling stylish, confident, and happy to share their essence and beauty with the world.

  • Looking amazing, feeling confident, and showing the world the best of who you are is easy when you speak the language of fashion—in other words, when you discover which brands, clothes, and accessories reflect your personality, support your lifestyle, and flatter your body and coloring.

  • My program, What to Wear…Virtual Style School for Savvy Women, will help you do just that. Virtual Style School is part course, part coaching. It’s a chance for you to get personalized feedback on your own and new wardrobe in a safe space. It’s a place where I’ll help you learn to speak YOUR language, convey YOUR personality, and feel confident as you project the image YOU want to show the world.

  • Read on to hear from a few of my clients, and to find out what Virtual Style School is all about. I’m so glad you’re here, and hope to get the opportunity to build a beautiful, practical wardrobe together.


Meet Client Liz Mirante

“With Marion’s coaching, I now feel my professional wardrobe feels like me and projects what I want to project. She has led me to some wonderful clothing lines that complement my 62-year-old-pear-shape physique, affirming me all the way, and supporting me to get out of my comfort zone where appropriate.

Marion really listened to me to understand what I want, and what I was ready for. She is highly skilled and respectful. Anyone who works with Marion will feel better about themselves!!”

—Liz Mirante, Minister


I’d love to help you dress confidently as well. Introducing…


After working privately with hundreds of clients over the last two decades, I realized that I could only help people able to travel to me, or who preferred I travel to them. But I wanted to make a difference for more! Hundreds more! Maybe even thousands more! And What to Wear…Virtual Style School was born.

In Virtual Style School, discover how to Dress Your Essence, the magic that happens when you pair clarity about who you are as an individual with your professional expertise and personal style to visually communicate Your Best Self to everyone you meet. Even better, when you Dress Your Essence, you forever change the way you see yourself and experience the joy of attracting others to your unique, one-of-a-kind self.

Virtual Style School is an interactive course plus coaching program you can experience from the comfort of your own home. Together, you and I will walk the path of discovery, exploration, and clarity, taking your style from ho hum to Fabulous! Discover your personal “style recipe,” which will spare you from wasting money on poor purchases that just hang in your closet, unworn and collecting dust. Discover how to dress your body, choose your best colors and accessories, and which clothing brands, designers, and retailers will support the essence of you. You’ll give voice to your style.



“Marion understands and has a vision for what looks best on you. She picked out of items for me that I would never have looked at had I been shopping on my own. She has shown me how to work with colors and accessories and every item in my wardrobe now mixes and matches. Marion also guided me on where to focus my spending. She explained which key pieces are investments and worth spending more money on and which were not. I now have a wonderful wardrobe that suits my lifestyle, my personality, and my body. I receive compliments about how professional and put-together my outfits look!”

Christy Hill, Partner, Steinbruner Hill CPAs


What’s Included in Virtual Style School

In Virtual Style School, I walk you through the exact process I use to support my in-person clients, helping you Dress Your Essence no mater where in the world you are.

Here’s what’s included…


Module #1: Leverage Your Vision to Create Your Style

We’ll start by setting your crystal-clear style vision; you’ll define in pictures and words the essence you want to bring forth this year. Module #1 gets your juices flowing, eliminates self-doubt, and lays the groundwork for building a style and wardrobe that communicates exactly what you want and need.

Module #2: Come Alive with Your Very Best Colors

Shop with more confidence, and save time, money, and frustration when you understand your best wardrobe colors, colors that flatter you and conveys confidence as you step into your transformation.

Module #3: Discover the Shapes, Fabrics, and Proportions that Flatter You

Recognize what clothing styles flatter your unique shape and proportions, and why they do. Start loving what you see in the mirror and avoid costly purchasing mistakes. Few women have perfect bodies, but I’ll teach you the secrets of making it look as if you do. Be confident that the choices you make in the dressing room are perfect for the new you.

Module #4: Find Out the Secrets to Successful Wardrobe Building

Begin to create a wardrobe you love. In Module #4, assess which basic pieces you need to get started and which star pieces you need to express your personality. Together, these choices lay the foundation for successful wardrobe building. How will it feel when you can say "I'm one put-together woman!" and mean it?

Module #5: Evaluate the Keys to Choosing Your Best Accessories

Discover how to choose accessories that put the finishing touch on an outfit, compliment your coloring, rejuvenate and update your wardrobe, create impact, and pull everything together into one lovely package. My clients love being able to expand their wardrobe inexpensively, freshen their style, and move with ease from business to social occasions, from dawn to dusk. You’ll love it, too!

Each module includes a mix of videos lessons, downloadable audios, PDF handouts, step-by-step instructions, and progress checklists. You’ll have access to the program portal for six months, with the option to extend access for a nominal fee if you’d like.

PLUS Lifetime access to What to Wear…Virtual Style School’s private Facebook group.

Ask questions, meet fellow students, and post your photos for safe, friendly critiquing throughout the program.

PLUS Amazing bonuses, including LIVE group coaching calls:


BONUS #1: The Shopping Success Formula


This bonus module will equip you with the what, the where, and the when to enjoy your next shopping excursion along with my tips on the how and the how not to shop. You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like a million! And, you’ll be able to walk on by 90% of what's in the stores and focus on the 10% that will be perfect for YOU.

The Shopping Success Formula Module

Value: $300

BONUS #2: 6 LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Marion


Right now is a really special time to join What to Wear…Virtual Style School because in addition to the five-module training program and other bonuses, I’m also hosting 6 LIVE group calls. This is your chance to work closely with me, ask your questions, and get my trained eye on your wardrobe and accessories. You’ll also meet others in the program, all of us together creating a welcoming, safe tribe.

The group calls are 60 minutes each and start the same week you receive the first online module.

6 LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Marion

Value: $1800

BONUS #3: Transitioning Your Wardrobe One Step at a Time


This E-Book gives you a 5-step guide to get you ready to move your wardrobe from one season to the next.  You’ll feel prepared for whatever the season will bring. 

Value: $200

Total Value of Bonuses: Over $2000


My Style Story

When did you first become self-conscious? I was 12 years old when I started not to like what I saw in the mirror. My body was changing. It was bigger than my friends’ bodies and curvier too.

At 14 my love of style and fashion started to develop. I worked weekends at my Dad’s small-town drug store, which happened to be next door to a dress shop. I spent many lunch hours there, trying on clothes, struggling with my busty, curvy shape. I joined Weight Watchers thinking losing weight was the answer. But my curves wouldn’t go away. Being self-conscious became the norm for me. And I never stopped trying to dress the body I had—a good thing, for sure!

I eventually learned to dress my curves, full bust, and out-of-balance proportions, and realized how many negative thoughts I held through the years. I became more satisfied buying less clothing and greatly fulfilled by creating new beautiful outfits. I also saved a lot of time, not to mention a lot of money, on shopping!

And that’s who I am today. I’m confident. Stylish. Happy when I look in the mirror. Appreciative of my unique beauty and essence even with my busty, curvy shape.

Today, my passion is helping women like you experience the same amazing transformation!


Here’s How It Works:

After you register, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to access Virtual Style School and your bonuses!

  • You’ll receive one teaching module at the start of each week, and an invitation to that week’s group coaching call.

  • The five teaching modules, plus the Shopping Success bonus module, include a mix of video lessons, downloadable audios, PDF handouts, step-by-step instructions, and progress checklists.

  • Complete each module in the comfort of your own home. Then, check in with our private Facebook group to share your assignments, ask questions, and meet others going through the program with you.

  • Attend the live weekly coaching calls, hosted through Zoom, an easy-to-use platform that lets us speak together, in a virtual room where we can see each other and share privately.

  • If you can’t make a call, no worries. The sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the program portal.

  • Enjoy access to the program portal for six months, with the option to extend access for a nominal fee.

Sign up for What to Wear…Virtual Style School today.


I understand that I’m investing at NO RISK because I’m covered by your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. That is, I’ll join the program, ask questions, and do the work for two weeks. If I decide during the first two weeks that Virtual Style School is not for me, I’ll receive a full refund.



“Marion helped me feel so much more satisfied with the way I look and dress, she has given me many unexpected ‘pearls,’ and she has brought so much FUN to the process!

She helped me develop a ‘style recipe’ which has become my Holy Grail. Without it, I never really understood what to buy that would ultimately make me happy in my own clothes.”

—Carol Young, Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner


“This is a fabulous course and I recommend it to everyone. Whether you think you know a lot about style or whether you know very little this course will impart new wisdom and take you to a whole new level!”

—Heidi McElvaine, Coach, Author


Frequently-Asked Questions

When do I receive the modules, including the bonus module?

Each week’s module is delivered on Saturday morning, giving you time to review the materials over the weekend, instead of during your busy work week.  The modules, including the bonus, are delivered in sequential order (one per week), as each module’s content builds on the previous one.

How long do I have to work through the modules?

You have access to the the modules for six months. You can always add on more time if you need it for a small fee.

When are the live calls?

The live calls happen each week on Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. Pacific time. Although I highly encourage you to attend the live calls if you can, I understand that life happens. No worries; I record each live Zoom call and upload it to the program portal within 24 hours. You receive the greatest benefit by participating in the live calls but can still learn from the recordings by listening to the questions of others and hearing the feedback I give.

If I miss the calls, will I still have a way to get your feedback during the program?

Yes, you can connect with me through the program’s private Facebook group.  There, you can talk to me and others, ask questions, and post photos of items or looks for which you want feedback or advice. You also benefit by hearing others’ questions and the advice I give.

I’m overweight and hate shopping for clothes. Will this program still work for me?

Yes, the program absolutely works for every woman, no matter weight, size, or age. You learn the five all-important elements that will create the best look for who you are today.

I’m not really into the latest fashions and designer clothes. Will this program still work for me?

Absolutely, this program is about developing your style, not being a fashionista.  It’s not about adopting fashion trends or expensive designer clothing.  Style is an expression of your personality and a way to identify yourself to others. The style you develop during the program will become your natural way of dressing.

I can’t afford a new wardrobe. How much will I have to spend on new clothes?

I can’t give you a definite answer.  It could be very little depending on the current condition of what’s in your closet.  It could be as simple as putting new outfit combinations together from what you already own. However, if there’s little in your closet that you love, it may require an investment in foundational basics, or “star” pieces that bring a bland wardrobe to life.

How much do you think I can save on clothes after taking this program?

You can save A LOT, because you no longer waste money on things you won’t wear. The fabulously styled and confident new you will shop with purpose, buy the best you can afford, make smart choices on your budget, and get very clear on the “cost-per-wear” shopping formula. Besides, can you really put a price on catching your eye in the mirror and thinking, “Dang! You look great!

When does the program start?

Our Orientation Call to get started is Thursday, February 28 at 5:30 p.m. We’ll get started then. You’ll receive call-in instructions beforehand.