11 Must-Have Items for Every Wardrobe

Here's my list of must-have items that would make getting dressed a fairly easy task each day. There are many things in our daily lives that cause stress, so let's not struggle with clothes. Too often women go to put together an outfit and they're not happy with one or more ingredients in their wardrobe or they're simply missing pieces all together.

If you have these eleven items represented in your wardrobe you'll be ready for most any occasion for getting dressed--from casual to dressy.  Go through this checklist and see if you've got your bases covered.  If you don't, I'm here and ready to help you.

Your fashion checklist

1. A six-to-eight-hour shoe that will keep you comfortable while looking fashionable. It’s possible, really! Here are a few brands that I personally wear when I plan to be on my feet all day…Paul Green, Munro, BeautiFeel, and AGL.




2. A multiple bra (or bodyshaper) collection that fits properly and includes at least one nude and one black bra. This is so commonly neglected and is the foundation of your clothing…it makes such a difference!


3. Comfortable underwear with minimal lines will avoid discomfort and distraction. It's another thing that gets neglected and is such an easy fix.  Check out www.barenecessities.com for many options to consider.

4. Jeans that keep their shape and won’t stretch out during the day. Some brands are steady and stay true while others grow a size within an hour. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like your jeans flatters you?


5.  A wide-strap tank top in a beautiful fabric in your colors.  Wear by itself or as a layering piece under a cardigan or jacket. When you find a beautiful fabric in your colors, grab it and have your seamstress make a tank for you. 



6. A silky layering tee that you can layer under a knit top without it sticking. Smooth is always better than bunchy, and silk will help with that.

7. A lightweight cotton or linen long sleeve shirt or cardigan to wear in warm weather to keep you cool and covered. Don’t fret about your arms; just get this base covered so you can stop thinking about it.

8. A simple party dress that can be dressed up for fancier events or dressed down for a casual chic look. Again, it’s possible if you know how to choose the best shape for your body.



9. A jewelry combo (earrings, necklace, watch, bracelet, ring/s) for everyday wear so you always feel put together. Start with one of your neutral colors. An "accessory bundle" is a group of accessory pieces that work well together and will uplift every outfit.        



10. A casual pant that’s comfortable but will never be mistaken for exercise clothes. Haven’t we seen enough yoga pants for the next ten years?It’s so easy to be just as comfortable in real pants. I can show you how.


11. A jacket or coat such as a duster, trench, or a pea coat that goes over most outfits. Let go of the too sporty jackets and treat yourself to a jacket that has style and purpose.


Are you missing key pieces in your wardrobe? Do you need some help solving these problems? Look no further, I am one phone call or email away and ready to solve your wardrobe needs.