Convey your Business Message with Eyewear

When it comes to your brand, I’m sure you do all you can to be sure you’re sending a clear message. Your business visuals carry you part way there, but in many instances it’s your appearance that matters most. How well are you personally captivating the attention of your ideal clients? Do they encounter you and get an instant sense of your commitment and professionalism? Are you giving them every reason to say yes to you and your business?

There’s a lot of pressure to stand out from your competition and give the right impression. There are tools at your fingertips—ones you may not be utilizing yet.

It begins with your face…your communication center. Did you know you can help shape your communication through eyewear? Whether you use prescription glasses or readers, the right eyewear is a powerful tool. The right frames will convey your style, send a professional message, help you appear friendly and approachable, or simply enhance your beauty. 

Here’s an example of using eyewear to align with your intentions. A client needed prescription eyewear. She was concerned that new frames would look trendy, which would go against her desire to win trust. Looking modern was important to her as well as being approachable. She was happy to learn that her eyewear could help her send those messages.  

This client is a natural blond. By choosing frames in a color that related to her hair color, she was naturally drawing more attention her face. Her frames were a slightly grayed taupe, sending a message that was approachable and friendly, authentic and not trendy. This conscious choice to wear frames that related to her personal coloring strengthened her message instantly.

Would you like help finding eyewear that will convey your message and align beautifully with your personal style? I’d love to help you select those frames. What seems like a small thing can support your powerful presence. Email me at to schedule a date to find a fabulous pair of glasses (or two) unique to you.