Represent Your Brand With Everyday Items

Looking sharp and put together is probably your strongest professional tool in the business place. When people meet you at a networking function, a business conference, or at community functions, it’s your appearance that’s representing your brand. 

Did you know you can send a positive message about your brand through the everyday accessories you carry in your business tote or handbag?  These are the items you pull out and use several times a day…things like a portfolio for notetaking, a pen, wallet, glasses case, and even your iPhone cover.  Every time you pull out one of these items, it’s a great visual that can reinforce your brand presence throughout the day.

Think about a businesswoman who consistently uses a specific color family in all her printed materials, website design and training manuals. If she has all of her daily go-to items in the same quality materials and/or colors of her brand, it will send an impactful message.  It’s powerful when a woman’s accessories match. It shows she’s organized and solid. 

Now look in your handbag. Do your accessories mismatch?  Or, do they coordinate and convey that you’re a sharp businesswoman who gets things done?  Representing your brand as powerfully as you can is a smart strategy and will communicate your attention to detail and quality service.   

Let your business accessories tell a brand story for you.