Use Jewelry to Convey Your Style


If you’re someone who wears classic clothing combinations to work,—like simple, understated blouses or sweaters and jackets combined with a classic pant or skirt—you can use jewelry to convey style. Creating presence near your neck will bring people’s attention to your face, your communication center.

To make a statement, try a grouping of necklaces that either sits on top of your sweater or is visible inside the collar of your blouse. Why a grouping? Because a group of necklaces in a similar length make more of a statement than a simple strand of pearls or a thin chair would. Depending on your style personality, an individual bold statement necklace may not “be you”, especially if you want to standout but in a more conservative way. Look at her grouping of necklaces…it’s bold and each piece relates to the other without matching. This gives her a unique signature look. Developing a signature look that’s consistent with your personality sends a positive message about your work ethic. To do this yourself, be sure to choose the best metal for your complexion.