Travel Tip #1: Visualize the trip ahead of time.


If you travel for business—no matter how often, how long or where you go—you know it can be stressful. There are so many things to remember, and along the way, there are so many things that are out of your control. Knowing you have everything you need and being prepared for common travel dilemmas will help you feel calm and allow you to do your best work once you get there. Start with this first tip to make your business trip stress-free:

Visualize the trip ahead of time

The best way to ensure a successful trip is to think it through thoroughly, and create a master list that can be revised and reused. Mentally walk through every aspect of your trip from getting to the airport, to the hotel, to meetings, to any social or sightseeing events and then back home again. Put your plan to paper and divide the list of things you need into three categories:

  • clothing ensembles;

  • grooming and beauty supplies;

  • items for travel days.

You will have greater peace of mind and confidence if you’ve written down your plan and can then simply follow it. 

Much of what you need for traveling can be pre-packed in ready-to-go bundles so all you do is put them in your suitcase before you go. If you’re a frequent flyer, keep those bundles in your suitcase or devote a place at home for travel supplies. Place all your travel documents in a file folder or large envelope. Collect travel supplies in a large basket as you think about them in the days before a trip. Likewise, start collecting and editing the clothing you’ll bring. Write these items on your master list and then create your ready-to-go travel bundles.  

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