Travel Tip #2: Be ready to go with grooming & beauty products


The best way to insure a successful trip is to think it through thoroughly a couple of weeks before departure. That also means planning to have your favorite cosmetics and toiletries with you. To make travel life easier, get travel-sized versions of your favorites. 

Cull your makeup stash and decide what’s absolutely necessary. Purchase duplicates of these products if you’re a frequent flyer. It may seem extravagant to have two of the same thing, but you’ll use them both, and not having to transfer makeup between different cases is a time-saver that makes the initial investment worthwhile. Smaller makeup brush sets are also available. Remember to bring only what you’ll use and consider disposable options for convenience. Less is definitely best. Make a list of those items, laminate it, and keep it in your makeup travel bag.

Refill and plan for any necessary prescription medicines as well as you may also want to bring a few first-aid items to treat headaches, allergies or congestion, cuts and upset stomachs. For minor medical needs, it is convenient to have a few things on hand.

If you haven’t read Travel Tip #1, go back to the blog to learn about visualizing your trip ahead of time to make smooth planning a cinch.


Marion Gellatlytravel