Travel Tip #3: Have a ready-for-anything wardrobe

At least two weeks prior to your trip, decide what you’ll wear. This gives you time to get clothes dry cleaned and repaired, if necessary. Consider what you’ll be doing, who you will be spending time with, and what the weather will be like. Look for clothes that fit the purpose and meet the goals of your trip. 


Choose clothes that are naturally wrinkle-free: polyester and polyester blends, spandex, nylon, cotton and silk knits, and superfine wool.  When packing, limit your color choices and start with two neutral colors and add one accent color from your color palette.  If you’ve never had a color analysis, schedule a time to talk right away and let’s get it done. Knowing what colors are most flattering on you is a key strategy to simplifying your packing and fine tuning your wardrobe.

If you want to bring something you don’t normally wear, try it on to make sure it fits and have altered if needed. 

Limit workout clothes to one set and wash them out in the sink at night and hang to dry. Look for fabrics with wicking properties. 

Use the packing method that works best for you. I prefer the “bundle” method and find it more versatile than rolling, folding, or using plastic. It accommodates tailored clothing as well as casual clothes and jeans. The bundle is made up of layers of clothing wrapped around an inner cushion I call the core, which is a pouch (see below) or a stack of casual pieces (tops, exercise wear or blouses).

In a large zippered travel envelope like Eagle Creek, store your nightclothes, underwear and socks. Use the envelope as part of your core (see above).  

This “bundle" method provides cushioning for every item because there are no sharp creases and therefore the clothes don’t wrinkle.

Super Tip: Every article of clothing you intend to pack must go with at least three other items. This encourages mix-and-matching and reduces single-use pieces in the suitcase.

When you get to your hotel room, hang up your clothes to minimize wrinkling.

Planning will keep you from overpacking.  If you need help for your next trip, schedule a time to discuss your needs with me.


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