Travel Tip #4: Be ready-to-go on travel day


Before your travel day arrives, make sure you have all your flight, hotel and car rental information on your phone so it is handy when you arrive at the counter. I recommend having a paper copy of these documents in a different place in case you lose your phone.

Have your passport or driver’s license and credit card information in a secure place where you can get to it. (See Super Tip below)

Set your phone alarm to go off 24 hours before your flight departure so you can check in.

Gather any reading materials, projects or entertainment devices you want to have for the flight. Bring a light snack, if desired.

Once you return home from your trip, note what worked and what didn’t. Then, adjust your master list, replenish your supplies and get ready to do it again!

Traveling is often fraught with stress, so if you’d like my help, schedule a time to discuss your frustrations with me.  I can have you travel-ready before your next flight lifts off. 

Super Tip:  Starting October 1, 2020 if you want to board an aircraft using your driver’s license as identification, it must be REAL ID-compliant.  REAL ID is a driver license/identification card that is a federally accepted form of identification. 

It is optional. However, if you choose not to have a REAL ID-compliant card, you will be required to travel with your passport or some other document approved by the TSA to board any aircraft.  Check your state’s DMV website to get more information on how to apply.  Don’t wait until the last minute as there is going to be an avalanche of applications.  Do it now!

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Marion Gellatly