Invest in Your Visual Credibility

Everyone knows that having credibility gives us leverage in business. Often times it takes a lot to gain credibility – one or more higher education degrees, years of excellent job performance, or leadership in your professional association.

Some people believe “things” can make you appear more credible like driving a fancy car, membership in an exclusive club, wearing an expensive watch. But there’s one form of credibility that speaks louder than degrees or club memberships. It’s your visual credibility. How you present yourself through your clothing choices, grooming habits, and body language can be the key to making the right impression. It’s what makes your presence stand out and be noticed for all the right reasons. Do you look the part of the successful, credible person you are, or strive to be?

How you dress, how you groom yourself, and your body language speaks volumes. It always has and it always will. When you stop paying attention to this fundamental principle of non-verbal communication, you’re likely to stay static in your professional growth or even lose ground.

Has it been awhile since you’ve taken a close look or asked for feedback on how well you’re demonstrating the qualities you want to be known for?

Everyone’s busy but that doesn’t give you any room for slacking. Do any of these statements sound like you?

  1. Have you put on a few pounds and know your clothes are fitting you tightly but you’re not making the lifestyle changes that make you feel comfortable again?
  2. Have you been too busy to fit in a shopping trip to revive your tired or ill-fitting wardrobe?
  3. Have you aged but you haven’t adjusted your wardrobe to be age appropriate?
  4. Have you noticed your posture is getting a little weak and you’re not standing up as straight as you used to?
  5. Have you changed jobs but haven’t adjusted for your new responsibilities?

Don’t waste any more time. Do something constructive about getting your visual credibility up where it needs to be. The truth is, no matter how much you hope and wish visual image doesn’t matter, it does.

Here are a few things to consider and fix.

  1. How well do your clothes fit your current physique? Any strain or bagginess makes you look like you don’t attend to details. That’s a strike against your professionalism.
  2. What condition are your shoes in? They should be looking brand new. Fix this by repairing or replacing the shabby ones.
  3. What’s the condition of your fingernails? Do your hands look rough or dry? Your hands are always visible. Make them look impeccable and your image will match.
  4. How’s your hairstyle? Is it the same as it was five years ago? If so, it’s time to modernize the style to look current and vital.
  5. How’s the quality of your clothing? Do your clothes help you look important and respectable? If not, you may need to up the quality of your wardrobe pieces.
  6. Do you take the time in the morning to put on your best face? Those five to fifteen minutes that it takes to care for your face and put on makeup is a small investment of time compared to the large reward that comes from looking polished and present.
  7. Do you take time to exercise regularly to keep your core strong and your posture erect? If not, schedule time on your calendar every week and make your health a priority. You’ll feel so much better and your posture will improve with a stronger core.
  8. Do you make it a habit to look people in the eye, smile, and say hello? Try it because there’s no better way to demonstrate to others that you care, and it conveys your self confidence.

Before it’s too late, invest in your professional presence. It will impact how you’re perceived.

Since you get dressed every day and show up for work, why not make the most of your presence? It may not be something you’ve given a lot of thought to. Don’t worry; there are professionals who know all about creating visual credibility! I’ll help you maximize your visual presence and turn it into credibility. Check out this simple way to get honest feedback.

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