5 Ways to Have More Fun with Your Wardrobe Now

Do you enjoy getting dressed now as much as you did in your thirties?  Or, do you feel your self-confidence sagging?  Let’s face it, our bodies are changing, our lifestyles are changing, and there may be whole sections of our closets that have no purpose anymore.  Yes, life changes.  But, there are always new things to dress for:  new relationships, new jobs, exciting adventures, new roles in life.

Changing just a few simple things in your wardrobe can make a big difference to feeling confident about this stage of life.  

Here are five things you can do to have fun with your wardrobe now:

1.  ADD DETAILS.  You may be adding years to your image by playing it safe with a conservative, too plain look.  If you want others to find you current and interesting, make your outfits interesting.  Add a large, long pendant necklace, a colorful mixed-print blouse, a small scarf tied at the neck, or use texture in your neutral garments.  These are ways to put more fun into your look.

2.  PLAY WITH COLOR AND PATTERN.  If you wear a lot of neutral garments, add a bold-colored blouse underneath your jacket or cardigan sweater, or wear a leopard-print cardigan over a neutral-colored blouse.  Add a new Fall color in your purse, shoes, or jewelry...that's sure to add some fun. Think of the Fall shades of spices, nudes, harvest colors, electric hues, neutrals, and seasonal reds.  If you’re not keen on color because you're unsure what colors are your best, here's the way to know for sure. However, don't hesitate to go for texture instead of color.  For example, underneath a clean-lined blazer, add a blouse with ruffles or maybe a furry collar to your jacket.  Now, that's fun!

3.  UPGRADE YOUR DENIM.   Denim doesn’t get old; it just gets reinvented.  Is it time for a denim update for a more modern and fun style?  Some of the styles from the 70s are back, and it’s okay to be wearing them again. Flared denim jeans are returning (see left below).  If you’ve already done that, why not stick with a classic boot cut that tapers tight into the knee and then flares out slightly (see right below). This is a cut that flatters many body types. It gives the appearance of a long leg and a narrower hip.  Sounds fun to me!  Try some of these brands:  Not Your Daughters Jeans, Christopher Blue, Jag, and CJ by Cookie Johnson.

4.  GO FOR FASHIONABLE BUT COMFORTABLE SHOES.  Four-inch heels look pretty but we know they don’t feel pretty.  Shoe designers have gotten keen on the idea that we want comfort coupled with style.  And they know having fun with our shoes is a great style enhancer.  They’ve put design efforts into creating flats, heels, and boots that feel nearly as comfy as sneakers while adding fashion flair.  Fall's Chelsea boot is easy to wear for most people’s personal style and will even fit orthotics or insoles.  It can be paired with slim-fitting pants or classic trousers. The Chelsea boot looks hip without trying too hard, and it can work in your wardrobe for years.  Try some of these vendors:  Sofft, ECCO, Cole-Haan, Thierry Rabotin, Anyi Lu, Aquatalia, Paul Green, Aerosoles, Earthies.

5.  BAN THE GRANDMA-DRESS.  Maybe someone in your life calls you grandma but nothing in your wardrobe should say “granny.”  Watch out for a shapeless, long floral print dress.  This offender will add at least a decade to your image. That's NO fun! Dresses are in abundance for fall, and if you'd like to be sure which styles work best for your figure, here's the way to find out.  The chemise dress creates straight lines that lengthen the body.  The fit-and-flare dress is tapered in the upper body with an A-line ease in the skirt.  The style works to balance the hip and slim the lower body.  A jersey-knit column dress is great under a jacket, cardigan, or caplet.  A belted shirt-style dress emphasizes the waist yet is easy and comfortable to wear.  A wrap dress in a pretty print is perfect to show off feminine curves.  Which style will you choose to have feminine fun?

We all want to drink from the fountain of youth, but until we find that miracle water, join me for Virtual Style School.  More details at www.powerful-presence.com/vss.