Trends of the Season – Are You Adopting One?

Here are four trends that really stand out this season.  However, just because we see a trend, it doesn’t mean we should adopt it.  Ask yourself if the trend fits your “style recipe”.  If it does, feel free to interpret it in your own way; and if not, please let someone else wear it.  Are you planning to adopt one of these?


Layering pieces is an interesting way to construct an outfit. The effect can be creative, sophisticated, or playful. With the different layers involved, you can easily make it suit your body. If you have a long torso, the layers will break up that space. If you have a short torso, you can use layering pieces to lengthen your torso. If you don’t have a defined waistline, layering can be wonderful because the waistline doesn’t have to be defined. Add a long pendant (or several) and you’re ready to go.

Athleisure (active wear meant to be worn for more than exercising)

This trend has gained popularity because it’s functional, sporty, and can be stylish at the same time. It can be worn to the gym and is being worn in a lot of other places. The millennials have driven this relaxed trend into casual workplaces and it has become acceptable. However, I caution you to think twice before you adopt this trend for some types of businesses and more conservative or formal cities.  Consider your company culture first and foremost. Dress up the look with kitten heels or stylish flats, or dress it down with a sneaker or loafer. This trend works for me when running weekend errands, not for business! 

Wide Leg Pants

They are a dramatic pant style and can be great for someone with thinner legs because they add volume. They can also work for someone who has fuller legs because the pant style is meant to be full.  Just be sure that your thighs don’t noticeably strain the shape of the pant. They should drape from top to bottom. If they don’t, you may want to go up a size.  This isn’t a good style for a woman with short legs as the wide leg will shorten.  This pant requires a shoe with a small heel, wedge, or platform so you don’t look like you’re standing in a hole.

Floral Prints

If you go for this trend, there are decisions to make. Do you want a floral that’s bold or petite? Do you like your them to be realistic or abstract? The choice is in your hands. If you have described your style recipe as “feminine” or “romantic” you’ll adopt this trend immediately.  But, if you’re not totally committed, just add a touch with shoes or a floral- print framed purse to a dressed-down casual jean outfit or a ladylike sheath dress.  Or, have some fun with a floral print jean with a solid colored shirt.

Trends keep our style evolving. One or two of this season’s trends could be just the thing to fill out your wardrobe and look fabulous every day. But how do you determine that? Well, you get an expert’s advice, that’s how!

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