Your Style Speaks

Living on the Monterey Peninsula of California brings a relaxed business style.  For that, I am thankful. But, sometimes "relaxed" for business can get us in trouble.  As I travel the country conducting professional image training for companies and coaching business owners and their employes on how to craft a polished, professional image, I know regions and industries have different dress standards and expectations.  The same is true here.

But, no matter where you conduct business or what your profession, I guarantee that your non-verbal communication says a lot about you before you ever say a word.  Don’t kid yourself, it matters what you look like, and studies prove it.

Even with a relaxed business style, it’s important to look up-to-date and current and equally important to be dressed to attract the clientele you want.  If you haven’t had a new hairstyle, new eyeglass frames, don’t wear makeup, are still wearing clothes you purchased 10 years ago or when you were a different size, what message are you sending to prospects…old, outdated, less qualified?  I’m sure that’s not your intention, but it’s what you’re saying.   If you want to attract, for example, a more affluent or a more mature clientele, but are still dressing like you did 20 years ago, will those prospects take you seriously?  Probably not.

                               THIS?                                                                      OR THIS?

How you manage yourself gives others a clue about how you manage your business and how you view yourself in the world.  Do you show up for business dressed as though you’re ready to attract business?  Is your style polished yet authentic…one that says something about you in a positive way?

Don’t make excuses, because it doesn’t take a lot of money to cultivate an authentic style; but, it does take an understanding of yourself, your goals, and your prospects’ expectations. Be willing to make a statement.  In today’s world, a polished look will have you standing out from the crowd due to the casualness of our time.  Let your Style speak for you!

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